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World of Warcraft Client - Version 1.12.1 enUS - Windows
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world warcraft windows client 1.12 1.12.1 enus pretbc classic
2009-09-02 03:12:23 GMT

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Complete and fully patched World of Warcraft 1.12.1 client, build 5875, locale enUS. 

This is the Windows (PC) client ONLY. Completely clean; no add-ons, patches, cache files or configs are included (besides; running WoW.exe will generate a new Feel free to use it with whatever private server you want, or patch it to a later version.

Patched from a base 1.11 client. Using the repair utility included will only bring it as far back as 1.11.


seeeeed please :(
if i Download this, will i be able to patch it up to the latest patch and still be able to play?
wow 1.1 mb, fastest i had
Anyone looking for a low rate classic server, try Vizze Patchwerk, i'm playing there with my girlfriend.
Rates are
2x Monster XP, drops
4x Quest XP
1.5 MB lookin good so far
Seeding... :D

Fantastic torrent A+

7-8 mbps, excellent.
alright how can i upgrade to a full account?
Can I play on private servers with this if I download the expansions from other torrents?
there is a big big corruption in this torrent, do not waste your time to download

patch.mpq is corrupted

ClassicGaming is a brand new 1.12.1 server that has been in testing phase for several weeks and it's now time to go live.

Server information:

- Instant level 60
- Working spells and talents
- Working honor system, battlegrounds and scripted instances
- Dungeon 1 starting gear with equivalent weapons and off-pieces.
- Dungeon 1 drops has been replaced by dungeon 2. (Bosses/trash mobs that dropped dungeon one now drops dungeon two gear instead, at the same rates)
- The amount of players needed for raids has been tuned down to make space for more guilds, please note that this does not mean that it's easier. (40 man -> 20/25 man and 20 man-> 10/15 man)

and much, much more - come see for yourself! All we lack is the players
This may sound like a stupid question...but can I play this WITHOUT being online? I downloaded a different WoW torrent a year or so ago and it wouldn't let me do shit when offline.
@FatBastard420 your right that did sound like a stupid question, you cannot play world of warcraft offline
Дайте сидоввв)))) SEEDING PLEASE!!!! 2% осталось ааааа
98.0% ... =(((( 2% осталось(
Check out Blazzord on Youtube
I would really appreciate it :D
Thanks for the share! And thanks to all seeders, this was a fast download!

Now I'm off to fight the monsters of Azeroth! I suggest anyone interested in playing 1.12 join me over at Vanilla-Exuberance :)
Thanks works great :)

Anyone know any 1.12.1 or 3.3.5 high rate servers? No Instant Servers or Funservers is currently the most developed 1.12.1 core, striving to achieve the true vanilla experience. This means no altered rates, no custom items or anything of that sort.
Feel free to try it out, or at least say hi on the forums!
I help seed this for Nostalrius, a 1.12 Classic private server coming out 2/28/2015. If you are interested in 1x Classic with no cash shops/vote points or whatever other BS, I suggest trying it.
awesome torrent @1.5Mbps DL rate :)
Just to let everyone here know this is where all the Twitch people play... supposedly over 6000 people already. If you dont believe me go check out twitch the streamers only play here.
when i try to login, it says "disconnected from server." can someone help?
8.5k que on Nostalrius on startup...
still working ?
downloading now, 5mbs, should be done soon
Torrent is copyright flagged.
Why download a client from piratebay if you are gonna play online lol, just download from blizzards homepage doh.